Welcome to:

The 8-Bit Joystick Books

This page shows news about the upcoming series of the books

By now there are 15 books for 17 companys planned

This will be real books, of real paper, offline readable

Each book will include:

Photos of all Joysticks with box, including Mices & Paddles - with picture and description including (as many as I have found)

  • first year of production
  • name of the stick
  • connection & type (D/A)
  • all functions - auto fire, slow motion ect.
  • all buttons & switches

History about:

  • all the companys who was involded in making the Joysticks
  • all the main computers the Joysticks are used and made for
  • Joysticks - from the very first to modern ones

The technic of Joysticks - how they work, what functions they have

How to repair and maintenance Joysticks

A list and photos of Joystick-patents


Fun facts

Interesting and relevant links